Hot wax the car - what is it?

Regular processing of the car body of the expolis and wax-one of the most effective and best ways to maintain the original appearance of the car for a long time. In addition, when polishing the paint surface of the coating to form a thin protective layer which save the vehicle from the harmful effects of water, flying stones and road dust.

hot wax the car

One of the best ways to protect machines from such influences is to hot wax the car. Owner reviews also say that this substance not only prevents the formation of microcracks, but also makes the body looks more shiny and attractive. What is this tool, consider our today's article.


Initially, we note that almost all of the protective compositions (including car wax) are expolis different protective properties. According to the car manufacturers of new cars aged 3 years or less best to use such expolis, no abrasives. The main difference is that the wax is, that no coarse particles, which could damage the thin layer of varnish on the surface of the body.

What is included in this tool?

Most often in a hot wax for car contains a silicone substance. However, some manufacturers do not add this element in the composition of their products, fearing that the Polish will quickly lose its protective function. But in practice, as well as tools to protect the body paint from 6 to 12 months.

What does it cover?

Hot wax the car is a very reliable means of treatment after the body that the car is protected against such factors as:

1. Uv-rays.

2. Acid rain.

3. Hard water.

4. Poor quality detergents.

And, of course, this cleaners to cope with road dust, sand, small stones and other parts of the pavement.

The nature of the hot wax the car pingua is a substance, which can be both synthetic and natural. The tool melts at a temperature of 40 degrees to 90 degrees. Most often the eminent manufacturers added to the composition of their products, Carnauba wax. It is the most qualitative in the form of wax, which is a lot of security features. Karnoub almost completely transparent, hard and has high melting point, and therefore no longer maintain the paint surface.

hot wax car type application

Type of application

Handling of the car wax (waxing) can be of two types:

  • Hot.
  • Cold.

The first method is applied most often in difficult road conditions. In this case, the hot wax of the car is uniformly applied, a uniform thin layer over the entire area of the machine. Finally the car protected for a long time from corrosion and other abrasive effects on the surface of the body and metal.

Cold therapy is used only for insulation and removal of defects in paint coatings. Apply the wax by rubbing the surface of the machine with a cloth.

Yes, the hot wax for cars is quite a complicated and expensive process, which can be available to every car owner. In this regard, many stations instead, that the substance is used as ordinary paraffin. But if cold treatment is used expolis, which already contains a small portion of wax.

It should also be noted that most of the quality application the car body is a Polish that contains the item Karnoub. This substance is wax exclusively of natural origin, and he is getting the trees to grow only in the region of Brazil. But we must not forget that it is not enough, all the cars that now operate in the world. Therefore, the cheap price is clearly not.

Make the right choice between shine and protection

If you just want to give luster to the car's frame, you can use expolis, which contain particles of silicone. But the brilliance of the paintwork and protection are two different concepts. So you should not trust those companies that promise to simultaneously Shine and good protection for your device in a long time. The characteristics of silicone not only protects the car from dust and rocks, but can also disrupt the wax layer, previously deposited on the vehicle. The end result is one thing: either the car just Shine, or paint only is coated with an invisible layer of protection.

hot wax a car how to apply

Where it is possible to produce waxing a car?

Use this tool on the machine, both independently and with a professional workshop. In the first case, you need to buy a bottle of Polish and stored in a few dry rags treatment of the body. It should be noted that this process is not difficult and does not require any professional skills. Most importantly, before you do this, rinse the car and let it dry.

By the way, a car wax is not so expensive. When one tank is enough for several applications. Roughly speaking, this bottle can be used about 1 year.

Now, we find out what hot wax is the car and what is its mission and protect the paint surface of the car it offers.