Body polishing with liquid glass. The advantages and disadvantages of

The dream of many motorists to see your car always clean and well maintained. Fortunately, thanks to modern methods of polishing possible. And if before the stores were to be found only traditional nail polishes, today increasingly popular is liquid glass, a special base composition in which the potassium or sodium silicate.


Is a material, usually by fusing soda ash and silica sand, which allows it to get excellent, quality and safe composition of a product for polishing. We can only learn how to apply liquid glass to a car with his own hands, and in what order to do it.


The new Polish appeared on the shelves recently – only in 2008. As the first developer made most of the major brands of Japanese cars. Over the years the products range has expanded, there are new brands and types of car polishes.

Typically, foreign manufacturers share of liquid glass for cars of different colors – dark and bright. Ensuring the efficiency and preserve the quality of the coating within a period of 2-3 years after use. Only there is one "but". Given our climate and the characteristics of the pavement such guarantee substantially to adapt and cut down on 1-1.5 years.

Don't forget, the surface of the car after the purchase, its the perfect look, deep color, the color — everything is perfect. But the body of the car looks like not more than 2-3 years after purchase in the showroom. In time, paint fades, cracks appear and invisible injuries. After 3-5 years, the body colors become not so bright, and it shows obvious wear, cracks and scratches.

Of course, the market for automotive goods is full of various polishes, which mask the existing problems and restore the look. But their main problem is the vulnerability. The motorist is forced again and again to go to the store to buy another of the assets.

But the problem is gone with the arrival of new material. This is enough to apply liquid glass to a car with their own hands, to transform and permanently protect the body. If you do not want to bother yourself, you can outsource the work to professionals, who time and time will cause a product on the body and will produce a polishing operation.


Before you decide to buy and use something new, you must know its features and benefits. And there really is nothing to talk about. The main advantages of liquid glass include:

  • reliable protection of the body against external influences (including chemical);
  • guarantee for quality and a rich native color of the car and the effect of the mirrors;
  • affordable prices, in comparison with the duration of the effect, which gives the polisher;
  • efficient removal of small cracks and scratches that often remains after washing of the vehicle;
  • durability. As a rule, even when year-round operation of the molten glass stored in the body for 9-12 months;
  • the ability to quickly adjust the color in the case of the tarnishing of the surface.
  • effective reflection from the surface, dirt and water;
  • protection against UV radiation. As a result, the paintwork protected from sunlight;
  • the heat resistance. You can be sure that even with strong heating of the coating quality remain at a high level;
  • anti-static effect. This option is especially useful in the winter, when the surface of the car accumulates a static charge;
  • the hardness of the material. In the production process uses special elements that provide the maximum hardness of the material. Wherein the liquid glass on their performance becomes very similar to that of glass;
  • full transparency. This quality provides maximum exterior gloss and color depth.


The use of liquid glass is composed of several phases:

  1. Check the components of the nail. Composition must be the following tools: the hardener and the base structure, a pipette (required for mixing), specific fibre for hand-polishing, protective gloves, towels and a soft sponge. If anything is missing, it is best to purchase.
  2. Now prepare the surface of the vehicle. This phase is one of the most important in the polishing process and to ignore that is impossible. Wash your car and remove all existing contaminants. After that, degrease the surface and leave the vehicle to dry. Scouring can be carried out using white spirit, diluted in water. In any case, do not use composition with a silicone or low quality alcohols in the composition. If the body was already covered with all nail polishes should be removed in its entirety. Otherwise, the new coat will not stick to the body and will last for much less than it was planned.
  3. Select the area for work. The best option – dry, well-ventilated place where the temperature is from 10 to 40 degrees Celsius. It is best to do the polishing in the garage, but in a pinch you can do it outside in a protected location. Your task – to prevent accidental contact with the body to sunlight, dust and dirt.
  4. The execution of the works. As soon as the preparatory work is done, you can start polishing the vehicle with liquid glass. It is not necessary to apply the composition directly to the whole body – working in a small space in the car. If the Polish has a good grip on the surface and provides the expected result, you can start to work.

Please note, that the used liquid glass on the car, their hands would gradually processing section. For example, you can start with the right skirt or the polishing of the bumper. When the processing part is finished, you can proceed to the next stage. Such an approach is necessary for two reasons. For the first time, will be more effective in carrying out the work. Second, apply nail Polish will not dry up.

After using a small amount of the composition on the surface RUB with a soft cloth (must be included). In the process of work all the time, be sure that the body gets dirt or dust. Will be processed as soon as the whole body, leave the car alone for a few hours (usually enough 4-6). Finally squeeze the liquid glass takes place in two weeks. In this period it is advisable not to wash the car at all (especially at the car wash). After two weeks, the body of the vehicle protected from various mechanical effects: UV rays, moisture and other unpleasant manifestations.

How to speed up the process? Usually polishing a car by hand takes at least 5-6 hours (high quality). This work is very hard and many can not withstand such loads. To simplify the task, you can use the grinding machine. All that is required is to select a soft polishing pad and to expose the medium speed. In the process, try not to put pressure on the mill, to prevent overheating the surface.

If your hand sander is not, then another option that is suitable for a conventional electric drill. This should be pre-purchased attachment for the determination of the polishing circles.

That is all. Now you can enjoy the perfect body of your car and periodically refresh the coating. According to the manufacturers, liquid glass is maintained on the surface for up to one year and can withstand up to fifty visits a car wash. In addition to the car, that you could only water bottles and cleaning cloths.


The quality of liquid glass for cars cost from 3 to 6 thousand rubles. It is of course much more expensive than the price of other polishes, but the coverage is ten times more. The application does not require any additional tool that will allow a good save.

the result


Apply liquid glass to a car with hands, that is true. The main thing — to stock up on a minimum set of equipment, devote some time to study the instruction manual and get to work.