Waxing the car, different car wax

Motorists involved in specialized cleaning, heard suggestions on additional care for their car wax.

Many people agree, of course, is not sorry. The car is not only clean, but also very bright, especially glistening in the sunlight.

A coating of liquid hot wax

Today we will talk about what is the process by which a wax treatment, what type of wax is there, and highlight their main advantages and disadvantages.

What is the treatment of the car body wax?

The main purpose of a wax coating – to improve the external look of the car and create the surface of his body, which is a special protective film.

When you carry out this treatment the wax particles sufficiently strongly heated, causing them to melt.

Therefore the wax is able to fill all the cracks in the paint layer. The surface is leveled.

In sunny weather, the body of the car is almost completely reflected light rays, creating a spectacular mirror Shine.

Another important factor is application of wax will not protect the body .

This contributed to the water-repellent film.

You've probably noticed how after a treatment of wax to the surface of the car the water flows down in small droplets.

It is the result of the formation of a protective film. It protect your car body is not only harmful to the way the reagents, but also UV radiation, as well as natural substances, such as resins.


Remove it from the waxed surface is much easier.

To be fair, like any other dirt washed off, it is much better.

A variety of car wax

In summary, there are 4 main types of wax used for body care.

The hot wax.

This wax before diluted with hot water. The process of application is quite complex.

The wax mass is to be sprayed evenly across the surface of the car immediately after the car wash.

Then he has given about five minutes to dry, then the excess off with a soft cloth for polishing or washed with water.

The main advantages of this type of wax is to create a tight protective layer, which protects against corrosion.

The effectiveness of this treatment wax lasts a very long time. Disadvantage – time-consuming application process.

Cold wax.

Such a wax coating is applied to the method of rubbing the paint layer of the car.

This process is much easier. As a result, the body becomes a mirror-shiny, however, the film formed by this method of applying wax, less durable.

Hot wax

The solid wax.

The application of solid wax for the most intricate of all the other processing.

It should be applied to clean the body surface, after which it is necessary to additionally use it for polishing.

The resulting coating has extreme resistance to moisture and its effect is the longest, up to 4 months.

Disadvantages the duration of the application process.


Such a wax is easier to use. He sprayed surface of the car immediately after washing and apply a soft suede or flannel cloth.

This forms a thin protective layer, which gives the car a bright Shine.

Unfortunately, this movie is easy to wash off. Usually protection enough for one or two sinks, then you need to apply a wax coating over again.


At the end of the article says, that the surface-coating of car body wax should be done in conjunction with other preventive measures washing, anticorrosive treatment, polishing, etc.

It is the paint layer is suffering, when you use the car in the first place.

The task of the owner to protect him or at least minimize the harmful effects of harmful environmental factors.


The more the driver has to pay attention, the longer the car is to maintain the original appearance, no crazing of the paint layer and, consequently, without the formation of corrosion cells.