What is the wax for car better

Shiny and well maintained, the car looks solid, rich, testifies to the high status of the owner. To achieve this effect, you can use the Polish and wax. The latter surface treatment is the most suitable for the majority of drivers. Problems arise with the selection of wax, so inexperienced users often remain dissatisfied with their choices, and the final result. So, we have to decide on which wax is better for the car. It is this question, and will devoted this article.

best wax for car

Understand the types of chemicals, wax

In the market for a car, care are several types of wax. Not all of them are just as good, easy to use and stay long. In addition, don't forget what the wax is used:

  • keep the paint and Polish on the vehicle;
  • to protect the car from external factors;
  • reliable formation of the protective film;
  • protection from corrosion.

So let's deal with this, what wax is better to cover the car, so that she not only shone, but was well protected and carefully prepared for further use.

  1. Wax spray

    That is no coincidence we first select this option, if you want to more about it not to mention. This is the worst example that there is. Also its easy to use, does not do him honor. Wash the car or get under the rain — is this enough for the wax coating is not gone. And will need to re-treat the surface of the car.

  2. The current

    The following car wax product is already worth the attention of the user. His claim, requires more effort, time, and consistency of the technology, but the result will long to please you. With a clean car you need to remove collected water and apply liquid wax. Wait about three minutes and rinse with water. The left flare of the air and carefully grate the car for a sparkling Shine.

  3. Solid

    If properly used hard wax for the car, it will take about three months. You can meet another name of the substance — hard wax. The application runs only on dry and clean surface, require careful polishing, or in other words, rubbing the waxy substance into the surface of the car.

  4. Synthetic

    Total assets for the protection of machinery, which even include part of other assets for the care of the car. It is a liquid structure, which is easy to use, lasts a long time (six months).

    Experts advise, for the winter, to use the waxy substance synthetic origin, and in the summer a solid or liquid wax Polish.

  5. the best wax for a black car
  6. Hot

    This type of wax, which creates a special luster on the surface of the device. The protective properties are also at the top. It must be used along with hot water. If you are tormented with thoughts about how it's hot or cold wax to choose from, it is better to stay on the ground. It is very important to select quality tools, such as the Turtle. This wax is tested by many users who are satisfied with the result.

Select wax? Pay attention to the color of your car

It may sound strange, but that leads to the choice of wax must also be a nail and the color of the car. Many users do not know which wax to put on the white body of the car, thinking and bad decisions. And this was on the white car clearly visible negative impact on the environment. So the car detailing products for white cars need appropriate, with the following functions:

  • providing a coating of diamond Shine;
  • provide a long and reliable protection;
  • prevention of dust;
  • color boost.