Liquid glass for car — technology use

Liquid glass car recently appeared on our market and on the Internet, you can find it on various reviews. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this coating, and whether or not to use it? These questions will be answered in our article.

What is liquid glass for car?

Buy a car, gave me a lot of money, but because I want to stay on the path and retain your presentation. But the weather, the broken roads and lack of adequate storage conditions cause significant car body damage: scratches, colour fade, tarnish lacquer coating.

once the liquid glass

To protect the body from harmful factors, and also to restore its original appearance, the manufacturers of car care products suggested the use of an innovative wax - liquid glass car. This tool has been known, even before it has been successfully used in construction, chemical and textile industry.

Liquid glass used for production of acid resistant cement and concrete, for the impregnation of fabrics, preparation of refractory, paints and coatings for wood (flame retardants), consolidation of weak soils, as the adhesive for bonding cellulosic materials in the manufacture of electrodes in the purification plant and machine oils, etc From the year 2008, more Japanese manufacturers of car polishes started production of polishing based on liquid glass. Wikipedia

A pioneer in the manufacture of this type of nail is the Japanese company whose products are still considered the best in this category. They changed the composition of the liquid glass, which has previously been used extensively in the manufacture of building materials, for the replacement of the silicates of sodium and potassium silica. Thanks to him, the liquid glass for the car, they have the ability to:

  • to protect the body against dirt, corrosion and minor mechanical damages;
  • mask existing errors in color (colored).

When applied to the body of the substances included in the composition of the liquid glass enters into chemical reaction with the colour of the car, which in the result, solid protective coating, which can repels dirt and water and protect it against mechanical damage caused by crushed stone and gravel.

The advantages and disadvantages of

According to the manufacturers, liquid glass for car in largely gives the properties before the rain and is capable of:

  • for protection against corrosion. Acts as a waterproofing, which repels water and dirt;
  • to prevent the formation of scratches and chips that occur under the impact of small stones;
  • for protection against ultraviolet radiation. With such a coating, the process of burning the the paint will slow down significantly;
  • to give an attractive look. The tool creates a mirror effect and adds color depth and range.

The positive properties of this wax include:

  • durability. Manufacturers specify a service life of 2-3 years, but due to our roads take about a year;
  • the temperature resistance. Liquid glass for the car does not lose its properties even at very high temperatures.

Unfortunately, this auto-polishes, just like everyone else, is not perfect. Among the main deficiencies that contribute to:

  • the complexity of the technology use. If it is broken, the coating does not have the above properties and quickly destroy;
  • high in comparison with other polishes costs.

As for the reviews from owners who have experienced this tool are as follows: effect of adoption will be only in case if the Mature technology of application.

Technology of application of liquid glass with your hands

Before applying the liquid glass first decide for the place of work. It must be protected from direct sunlight, dust and strong wind, but well ventilated. The next course of action will be like this:

  • thoroughly wash the machine and leave to dry well. Dirt and moisture create a layer of varnish coating is badly interact with the nail, which is determined, safely and quickly peel off;
  • cleaning of the body than the other nail and degrease. We propose to use a solution of white spirit. In any case, do not use solvents, developed on the basis of silicone, which allows him hitch auto-polishes the surface of the machine;
  • used liquid glass on the car with the sponge (it comes with the set). The RUB tool for longitudinal and not circular motions. The substance is toxic, so be sure to use protective gloves;
  • when the Polish dries a little (visually slightly frosted), Polish the treated surface with a soft cloth and leave to dry for 4 hours.
the result

After this time the car can already be managed. But it is better to give effect to gain a foothold, so that, if possible, do not use the machine for at least 12 hours. In two weeks not to rely on automatic cleaning, but the manual is acceptable, because it is not easy to damage the coating.