Hard wax for the car and its benefits

There are a large number of different resources for processing the bodywork after washing. Some of them, among which the wax for the car, they perform a variety of protective properties. Today we look at the basic types and functions of wax coatings, as well as the technology of their application on the car.


Car wax is designed to protect the LKP from external influences. Creates a protective film that protects the bodywork of the vehicle minor damage, including cracks and scratches. If to the moment of applying the wax color was damaged, wax hides small flaws and prevent entry into them, salt, water and other chemically active ingredients, which act on the metal and causing corrosion. So, wax for cars creates an additional protection of the bodywork against corrosion and uv radiation. If in the computer there are more than considerable damage, read the article on the polishing of the bodywork.

Wax after the washing machine improves the appearance of the machine, so LKP more brilliant. Carpet provides a run-off of drops of water of the machine and eliminates the formation of stains after drying. Due to this wax carpet simplifies the washing of the bodywork and extending the interval between washes.

All kinds of wax divided into several classifications. One of them is based on the characteristics and composition makes her waxes are divided into the following categories:

Spray – at least the attractive appearance of the packaging, so how is it poorly resists mechanical influences. This wax washed off after a couple of siphons, so glue it is necessary to particularly often, although there is nothing complicated.

Liquid wax is more resistant to shocks, compared with the previous type. The technology of its application is the imposition of a special substance to clean the body with subsequent friction.

Hard wax from the other types differ in method of formation. It is applied on the dry surface of the car body. The process takes a lot of time, but the protective layer holds up to 3-4 months or more.

As for the synthetic wax, it is the most durable, so the cover holds up to half a year. Applied to the composition of the lot, simply because it is sold in the form of a fluid. Such a wax is included in some car shampoo.

According to the method of the imposition of car waxes are divided into the following types:

Hot wax on the car

Cold – this is a special liquid containing a large amount of a cationic surface-active components and emulsion wax. The carpet is applied by hand, but it has one disadvantage, which is associated with a low-life. To maintain the effect it is necessary to repeat the manipulation after every wash.

the result

Hot wax is a substance of natural/artificial origin. It melts at a temperature of 90 degrees. One of the most quality types of wax is caraubian, because it is completely transparent and melts at high temperatures, therefore, very resistant to wear and tear. The material maintains its operating characteristics over a period of six months and more. Many substances in this category contain corrosion inhibitors in the assembly.

The technique of applying hot wax lies in the breeding of his hot water with subsequent treatment cloth or sponge. The main drawback of the product is its high price.

Foamy wax for properties similar to hot, but differs by the method of application. Cause this carpet by hand, it is not possible, because it requires special equipment. It allows you to create the emulsion through the supply of air and water in the wax composition. The use of this technology ensures a high degree of contact of the foam of the emulsion and the coating.

The following classification of wax for the machine assumes the distribution of materials according to origin. According to this criterion, the formulations are divided into the following categories:

Characteristics of the listed types of wax very similar, so take into account the following criteria in the selection of cold or hot wax for a car can be.

Polish with wax

The wax on the car, it is necessary to select with regard to its price, because it is cheap-products after the app quickly loses its original properties. Liquid and solid material are normally processed the bodywork of the new car age within five years.

For older machines are appropriate abrasives, polishes and waxes. Among themselves they differ by the last creates a protection on the truck, and Polish improves the appearance of the LKP due to the removal of the surface layer of varnish.

Wax with abrasives works like traditional polishes, so when choosing the composition it is necessary to take into account this parameter. Grinding wax products are necessary for refreshing the appearance of the machine with no defects, among which the burned paint or scratches.

The grinding components are manufactured in different degrees of hardness. The hardest outwardly, they look like grains of sand.

For the new machine without defects on the paint, painting the body it is necessary to use waxes without content abrasive components.

As has been said above, apply by hand the wax on the car may be of any type, with the exception of the foam. In any case, before the formation of the protective layer, it is necessary to take care of cleaning the body from impurities, thoroughly after washing. Wash if possible non-invasively.

Do not try to cover the car wax in the sun, and before the work carefully shake writing the composition. Separate adjustment of body wax assumes its applying on the not dried after washing the surface with subsequent rubbing with a cloth or paper towel.

The result before and after

Note that the liquid wax often include the cost of washing the car or applying offers as an additional paid . The feasibility of this option is questionable, because the service increases the cost of washing machines, and to save the result, it is necessary to repeat the procedure every time. This is caused by the relatively low price of the infliction of such a wax.

As for the hard wax, the cost of its use on the body can reach 10 thousand rubles and more, because the technology is much more complicated. In addition, the material is fairly expensive – about it, too, cannot be forgotten.

Note that the liquid wax and materials in the form of sprays more frequent compared with synthetic and hard waxes. It has to do with high-value work on the preparation of the material on the nail. Of course, this wax is not suitable for universal use in the home. It is designed for the processing of expensive cars to save the car body from damage. The use of this wax is hand yourself, it is not always possible due to the complexity of the technological process. The car wash down the road shampoo containing wax or apply a liquid composition is much easier.

the procedure

Finally, we want to give a few recommendations on how processing is carried out of the body of the car wax, and how to properly wash your car to improve its appearance:

  1. When you use a shampoo with wax, wash the car you need hot water.
  2. Try not to perform all the movements in the same direction – from top to bottom.
  3. For better cleaning efficiency of the machine when washing, use gloves made of sheep skin, because it is best to clean the surface of the body, compared with the traditional washcloths.
  4. Wheels is better to wash another sponge.
  5. Try not to use for washing the cars, the silicone means, or shampoos-containing acids and alkalis.

Compliance with these protozoa recommendation and causing the wax to the LKP of the body, it is your car after a long time retains the original appearance and delight you.