Liquid glass for car

You said that the dream of the owner to protect his "horse" from external influences, and many years to enjoy the amazing colors? This is a pure lie. The dream is always out of reach, then as a car coating with liquid glass in Moscow is available to all.

This material will not be invincible armor, will not prevent the formation of defects in the event of an accident. However, there are undeniable benefits of liquid glass. The use of this method for the treatment of the body, and not in vain enjoys a high popularity. After this procedure the aesthetic appeal of the machine is increased significantly. In addition, the polishing liquid glass protects the body against negative influences. And therefore, prolongs car life.

The polishing of the car, which will cause the coating machine, to Shine like a precious stone, which is parallel with the elimination of small defects and scratches. But the advantages of powerful technology with a fragile name does not end there.

liquid glass

Why the surface cars of the "liquid glass" and not quartz?

The name of the intimidating and above all marketing. This is true, and that after the treatment the car has a mirror glass Shine. In fact, the fragility of the coating, which is an illusion, there is no glass in the composition of no. Among the active ingredients, about 10-15% of silicon dioxide, so-called "liquid glass" coating quartz content is increased to 60% (in de is present nano titanium dioxide for more than 80% of the last thermal processing), which provides cooperation with the colour of the coating on the molecular level. Formed film on the surface of the fantastic strength and durability. In addition, car polishing, liquid glass has nothing to do with drawing materials which are sold in DIY stores for waterproofing.

If You are confused by the phrase "liquid glass for cars", remember: this is different. Some trains harder than steel. For example, the front glass for the attack helicopters Mi-28 can withstand a direct hit by a 20 mm projectile. And they are also transparent.

Specifics of treatment of the body with liquid glass

There are certain specificities of the material is liquid glass, the use of this type of polishing depends on the condition of the body. Skilled artisans can determine whether he needs additional training. The transparency of this coating allows you to use it to conceal the errors. If the surface has noticeable scratches, handling of molten glass is performed after the preparatory activities.

The peculiarity of this material is that its active ingredient does not enter in chemical reactions with constituents of color. It penetrates in the molecular structure. Because of this property of the coating liquid glass:

  • fully loaded color layer;
  • prevents its destruction from external influences;
  • creates a thin film having a high strength.

A beautiful, natural shine of the material, its lux tradenda properties provide a shade more depth, more richness. Therefore, the liquid glass for cars is a great way to increase aesthetic appeal.

Benefits of liquid glass coating for cars

  • Liquid glass for cars, is reasonably priced in comparison with other types of polishing;
  • Supernatural indicators of the saturation of color and Shine;
  • Liquid glass Polish resistance to chemical attack, strong barrier between the molecules of the color and variety of connections;
  • Coating for car body protects the LKP in Moscow reagent;
  • After the opera on the body less visible micro-scalpit;
  • The ability to easily update, if after 6-12 months of active operation of the machine the coating is decidet.

4 reasons to select a car cover with liquid glass

  • It may take longer for the epoxy or Teflon wax expolit. A thin layer of the polymer can hold up to years;
  • Drivers dream of rain, to have friends and passers-by eye, from the outlet climbed out of the silent question of "why is the water off the car";
  • Excellent mud and water-repellent properties, in Moscow the savings on to wash the car several times exceeds the costs of processing the body of fluid glass;
  • Unrivalled optical effect and glow.
before and after

Everyone knows, they say the tanks not afraid of dirt. This well reflects the state of our roads. Please note, with the Russian mud after coating the car with liquid glass will not Shine and sparkle from any rain should be washed!

Where appropriate, the nail Polish liquid glass for car

Technology is used to protect the paintwork of a new car, while it is not race, and the old, if the quantity and depth of damage reaches the critical level.

Also the choice of car handling liquid glass in Moscow justified, if you sell the vehicle and want to save money for a costly repair.

Refresh the look of the body of the car with the mileage, with only one layer of liquid glass is impossible! Deep scratches, followed by "gifts" from birds, resins and other damage in need of complex repair works.

The effectiveness of the use of liquid glass

One of the factors that contribute to the growth in popularity of this material is the efficiency of the processing methods. It is composed of several moments. Automotive coatings liquid glass:

  • does not require excessive expenditure;
  • significantly reduce the number of car washes;
  • for a few months, providing excellent;
  • extend the life of the paint layer of the car body;
  • it simplifies, reduces the cost of pre-training.

Due to the moderate price, which is liquid glass, that use this mode of protection, which are available to most car owners. If it is time to apply to masters preliminary preparations are not necessary. Use liquid glass to avoid the negative effects of moisture, dirt, chemicals, collision repair.

The Material also has excellent water-repellent properties, decent power, even in conditions of active operation of the equipment to turn on the sink are much less. Liquid glass for car that is ready to buy, will be a strong attractive factor for potential buyers.

Disadvantages of polishing with the liquid glass

Liquid glass for cars in Moscow has now become one of the most popular protective coatings. There is no doubt that this kind of treatment a lot of advantages. However, drivers should not assume that the coating liquid of the glass is the only acceptable option. The disadvantages of this method include:

  • the need for prior training, if the body is not damage;
  • his durability is less surface protection than ceramic, quartz layer;
  • apply only one layer and not the high durability.

But given the specificity of the capital roads, affordable price, which is a coating for car liquid glass, the use of the material is justified if vehicles driven frequently, to have a prestigious look. Know, however, that to the coverage, which takes care of the car. Skilled polishing liquid glass provides its respectable form, save it in any weather.

Myths about the liquid glass, its properties and options

coating with liquid glass

Liquid glass for auto is a good protection and a great way to improve the aesthetic parameters. But, in order to enhance the popularity, the demand for this service and marketing, specialized companies give false material information. Car owners who are decided to make the application fluid, the glass, to get acquainted with the real data on its properties and options.

Currently liquid glass offers in most of the auto center. The average price of car handling sedan is about 7 thousand rubles.

Prices for services in the workshops differ slightly. However, there is a significant difference in the information about the life of the coating. In one auto center claim that liquid glass for car retains its properties during the year. Where else can offer coverage that is up to 5-7 years, will reliably protect body.

It is understood that the liquid glass Polish all manufacturers produce the same technology. The Material can be silicon dioxide content. However, it is also the maximum amount of 15% is included in the current glass, use for a few years, cannot provide. This surface is not a chance for so long to preserve the original properties.

The real option to maintain cover in Moscow

The conditions of city streets create a serious test for body hardware. The treatment of liquid glass gives decent protection. But, do not delude ourselves with the viewpoint of the integrity of the coating, the manufacturer promises on the packaging. The specificity of the pavement significantly reduces its duration.

Practice shows that liquid glass for auto is a good protection for 4-7 months. If the device is heavily used, the time reduces to about a month. For the duration of and expect. Because the liquid glass is, in many centres, the modernisation of cover will not cause a problem.

It is important to understand one thing. Liquid glass for cars is not a means for the recovery of defects, polishing. The shortcomings that are present in the body before treatment, should be considered.

The cost of covering the car with liquid glass

The price of the processing liquid glass in the Moscow region, taking into account the useful life, saving on the washing, prevent premature full or local color is more than acceptable. Expensive to go to salons where "nice and cheap", for up to 5 washes.

Professional polishing of car body liquid glass is mainly to the thorough preparation of the work. Master "of all trades" this stage is not taken into account or not able to perform at the level of lack of knowledge or the material-technical base.

We have selected the best service from the many options, no way to save the result.

Liquid glass for cars — cheap and not the only solution!