How to use liquid, solid, warm and cold wax on car

Wax for cars forms a special protective film on the surface, which can protect the body from minor scratches. Deserves special attention restoration effect, that have substances of this type. They are able to camouflage the mistakes.

Another important feature of a quality wax for the car, to prevent the growth of defective areas. When the protective layer is applied on the damaged area, it prevents various substances, which can aggravate the condition.

cold wax for car
Important! Wax for cars to prevent damage, the surface of the machine may receive from a variety of chemicals, water and salt.

Not to mention another important property of this substance. This is not corrosion, that allows to eat away at the body of the vehicle. A nice bonus is the UV protection.

If we are talking about only the visual component, the wax for the car, gives the car that Shine that you saw in the showroom when I bought it. The quality of the substance that can make your machine new again. But to do this properly, RUB the tool into the surface to perform polishing.

When the car is waxed, water runs down much faster. This makes it possible to prevent the formation of stains, which can often be seen on the engine cover or the roof after the rain. In addition, the coverage of this kind allows much less to take the car to the car wash.

What types of wax are

Depending on the characteristics of

In the automotive industry is constantly evolving. As a result, each year there are more means to effectively care for the vehicle. At the moment it is possible to allocate such types of wax depending on its properties:

  • spray
  • fluid,
  • a solid mass
  • synthetic.

Among professional assumed that spray is one of the least functional type. The fact that it is extremely unstable to external influences.

Caution! Only a couple of washes and waxes for a car in the form of a spray will wash it off.

Despite this, the car wax in spray form, there is one distinct advantage — very quick and easy to use. So, if you urgently need to make a car, that is ideal.

Liquid wax for cars is a lot more resistance to external influences. However, its use requires more time and effort. Fortunately, the process is quite simple. You only need to wash the car, apply the product and carefully grind.

Hard wax, unlike the previous two types can be applied on dry surfaces. After this, when the car is washed, you will have to wait until it is dry. Of course, to speed up the process you can use construction dryer, but such a device is not even there.

Caution! The main advantage of solid wax for the car, that is able to survive for about 6 months.
cold wax for car advantages

It is believed that the solid wax is of the highest resistance to external influences. It is quite common to see the composition of the expensive car shampoos. There are also separate funds in liquid form.

Depending on the origin of the

Wax for cars can be classified according to the substance, which is the basis for this. Now there are the following types of:

  • synthetic,
  • mineral,
  • plant
  • animals.

This feature is less often taken into account when selecting the wax for processing of the car. The fact that its effect on the quality parameters is minimal.

Depending on the method of use

Sort wax for cars can also be a way of application:

  • cold
  • Penn,
  • hot.

Cold wax for cars is a liquid emulsion, containing the active substance and the additive. The volume of this class can put their hands to every owner of the car.

The main drawback — the vulnerability.

Hot wax for a car can be both natural and synthetic origin. This begins to melt when the temperature exceeds 90 degrees Celsius. This substance is considered to be the highest quality among all types in this classification. It is able to maintain its performance throughout the year, if you have purchased good manufacturer.

Caution! Most substances with a hot method of application are on the basis of the corrosion inhibitors.

Apply hot wax need water of appropriate temperature. The substance that is divorced, with a sponge for the polishing, it is done. The main disadvantage of this kind is expensive.

A foam wax to a car in their qualitative features, which are closest to the hot. However, if we take into account the use of technology, are completely different.

The fact that it is foam wax can be used for car surface without the use of special equipment. It is responsible for the creation of the emulsion to foam. For this to become a reality, air is the required water-wax mixture.

The use of this method of application ensures the long-term explication of the coating. This effect can be achieved with the use of additional equipment. This provides the most uniform distribution of the substance on the surface.

The differences of the use of

Used hard wax

The hard wax has many advantages. Provides reliable protection of the car, for a long time. However, it became a reality when using you must follow this sequence of actions:

  1. Wash the car. On the surface may not be insects, tar stains and other dirt.
  2. Close all doors in the room. The body should not be exposed to dust or dirt.
  3. Dry the vehicle. To login, use a dry sponge. If not sponge, suitable simple piece of soft cloth.
  4. Apply the substance on the car evenly.
  5. Means that you will need for grinding. them evenly on the surface.
  6. Wait until the protective layer is dry. In the form of a mat coating.
  7. Wipe off any excess.
  8. Take a piece of soft cloth and Polish the surface to a Shine.

Cars must comply with in the works. This ensures that it is a protective layer that will give your car a second life and help to hide small errors. But, to get a lasting effect, you should use a quality tool. You also need to follow some measures:

  1. There is no need to use the product in very hot or cold weather. Limitations +6. Humidity should be within the normal limits.
  2. Never use any abrasive sponge.
  3. Avoid a pronounced transition between the polished surface.

Only three simple guidelines will allow you to avoid the mistakes that all beginners make. You should also remember that the life span of the protective layer largely depends on how often you wash the car and the climate.

Apply liquid wax

For the use of these substances in the car should be washed. Immediately after this, it is desirable to flare the body with warm air. Ideally, this task will help in the management of the building hair dryer. If not, you can just wait until the car dries a little.

Caution! Cars do not need a wipe that will dry.

Liquid wax is diluted in warm water. The share depends on the assets you have purchased. Spraying evenly on all the body. Try not to miss a page. This will allow to create the most balanced protection.

When the substance is sprayed you will have to wait a few minutes. Then you have doused the car with water. This will help to get rid of excess. Only now you can start polishing the car. This procedure will give the surface Shine and will greatly improve the appearance of the vehicle.

Caution! Before polishing the body needs a flare of warm air.

With proper skill, the entire process takes about 20 minutes. A beginner in the use of the substance, and polishing may need a little more, about 40 min. In any case, the process is not particularly difficult. So that I can do it all.

Apply hot wax

Start using hot wax on the car, with the selection of the appropriate tool. For this you need to pay attention to the label. This will be written for cars, what color is the suitable liquid.

Caution! Before starting the process, prepare the cloth.

The car needs to wash and dry. All work must be done in a well ventilated room. So the surface should not fall in direct sunlight.

The wax diluted in hot water, then sponge is used for vehicles. After this, polishing is carried out. As you can see, there is nothing complicated, this process is not represented.

Tip! A similar treatment is recommended in late autumn.

Apply cold wax

This wax should be used on the car after each wash. Fortunately, this is not particularly difficult. All you need is a spray bottle. When you spray the fluid on the body of the car remains should be washed with water.

Caution! The cold wax has a relatively low cost and allows you to quickly manage the car.


If you want a car you can apply all kinds of wax. Only for one type requires special equipment in the form of a blower. The most tenacious is considered a hard wax. The most available cold.