Liquid glass for cars from Japan: how to use

In our article we analyze in detail all the questions about the liquid glass for the car.

What is liquid glass

This files most often aqueous alkaline solution of potassium or sodium. Has excellent adhesive properties and does not past the water.

A black polished car

For the protection of the car body uses a different chemical composition. This is the silicon dioxide, which may be made of synthetic glass.

This treatment was car invented in Japan in the year 2008. The popularity of this coating is due to the fact that unlike other compositions, it takes long enough.

Kind of liquid glass

There are currently three types of liquid glass. Based on them, is made of liquid glass for the car, which is used as a Polish.

  1. Potassium – good source of potassium, it is a big difference in terms of its porosity and tendency to high hygroscopicity.
  2. Sodium – sodium, which it is based, has excellent fire retardant properties.
  3. Lithium is the most rare liquid glass, available in small quantities, is used as a thermostat for the cover.
All three types of liquid glass it is possible to conclude, in one group of monoschelochnyh compositions. In addition, there are combined and integrated. In Russia most of the production for the current glass is the release of sodium compounds.

The use of liquids, glass

Most often used in construction for waterproofing. But in recent years began to use, when polishing the car fluids. With time the paint starts to crack and have an unattractive appearance. The automotive coating of the liquid glass really will take your look and protection against scratches, scuffs and cracks.

Auto Polish liquid glass

Manufacturers promise security for two or three years, but local drivers in our conditions ensure the protection of about a year. The use of compounds based on wax, silicone and other synthetic materials, the warranty will not.

Limit machine liquid glass with your hands

To perform the polishing of the surface of the body of the car may be your own. To buy means that can be in specialized stores. Kit includes:

  • in the curing agent and the agents;
  • tube for mixing;
  • cloth for rubbing;
  • gloves;
  • the various cloths and sponges.

There is also a manual with a detailed description of the polishing process, in the Russian language.

Before you go to work, take care of the cleanliness of the surface of the car. It must be clean, degreased and dry. Wash the car better special shampoos with a scouring effect. Old nail Polish should be removed with special tools.

Optimum temperature for polishing from +10 to +40 degrees in the winter can be processed in a heated garage. In the summer the surface of the body should not be hot, you need to avoid direct sunlight during operation. The process takes 3-4 hours and is the power of everyone, if you follow the recommendations in the instructions for use.

Doing the self-polishing machine, tool, follow all stages of work:

  • To get to work should be in the clean room, which do not penetrate the moisture, the sun's rays and dust. If it is in the garage, it should be well washed.
  • Read carefully the user's manual.
  • Try the product on a small area. If you want to do this, soak the sponge tool and grate surface. In a minute or two to re-wipe the surface with a damp cloth.
  • Every detail of the body is processed separately, on large plots, just not enough to thoroughly RUB it into the surface. The tool hardens very quickly, and delete will be really easy.
  • Leave to dry at least 6 hours, even during the week it is forbidden to use chemical products to wash cars. For dark and light cars that they sell different nail Polish, be sure to consider this feature.

Coating machine liquid glass: the advantages and disadvantages

Like all tools, liquid glass Polish has pros and cons. We consider the advantages and disadvantages of such coverage, and that will be the final decision.

The use of polishing

Among the advantages are:

  • resistant to moisture, is not polluted during rain;
  • can withstand minor scratches;
  • to use you do not need a lot of effort;
  • require no additional protective coating;
  • the color of the car does not tarnish, and keeps its original shape;
  • a large selection of different manufacturers;
  • the work can be carried out also in a car wash;
  • it has relatively little time for drawing.

However, there are disadvantages:

  • there are times when you need to use a sander, but this additional waste;
  • reapplication is necessary after 6-8 major sinks;
  • apply nail Polish, temperatures below zero will not work; although the application will take some time, but dries longer.
Whatever it was, but for nails in the form of liquids, glass, which is by far the best protective coating for the car. Many user reviews say about it.

Cheap liquid glass for car

The cost of liquid glass, which is higher than other compositions for polishing cars. But if you think long-term use and other advantages of means that it is possible to speak about efficiency of this treatment. For the role would be only good to clean the surface, and this can be done with special shampoos.

Japan really gives the best tools for polishing, but for the cost, which are more expensive than other manufacturers. Less expensive Polish is manufactured in the UK and in Korea. The composition is also different, there are liquid funds, and is in the form of a paste. Remember, the lower the price, the smaller the period of operation.