Wax Polish for the car - the types and characteristics of

The most frequent arguments as to the appearance of the car will appeal drivers to the presence of small scratches, loss of saturation of the enamel and other problems that are often manifested in the body.

polishing wax

If you want to restore the appearance of any machine, and to prevent the adverse impact of environmental factors, which can Polish. This tool allows you to restore presentable appearance of the body, which gives Shine to prolong their business life.

The working principle of the product is to create with the help of the thin film. She forms a protective layer above the color, which is formed on the body of dust and the influence of rainfall, as well as the natural oxidation of the paint. The Polish can be rubbed on the paint and details on the chrome.

Experts recommend drivers for the implementation of the polishing once a month. Before using the tool, you need to wash your car, and to dry, wipe. Avoid getting the product on plastic and rubber parts. Need polishing in a circular motion until a haze to the product.

One of the most popular types of products to add the Gloss car wax is Polish. Its performance and affordable price are the reason for the dissemination of vehicles. The products are divided into several types:

  • pasty-called "hard wax";
  • abrasives — some of the models added to the kaolin — fine grinding, which more effectively cleans the car from dirt and adds Shine;
  • with Teflon — this is a material which provides a more stable and long lasting film on the paint coating. These products are also much easier to put on the car, very thin layer.


Polishing the car is not turned into a waste of money, you need to carefully choose the right ones for your car means. A great selection of wax for polishing pads, which are available in the shops of automotive special tools, which could confuse you. It is worth remembering, that is the type of Polish depends on the purpose, for rubbing the body.

Wax for cars is the most frequently used tool. He is able to immediately give the body a fresh appearance, restoring the brightness of the colors and their talent. It is usually inexpensive, making it affordable for all car enthusiasts.

A variety of models, which provide a fixed term durability of the wax: some rinse after the first wash, while others are held in several sessions.

Consists of wax, wax Polish (palm or beeswax), which is soluble in a specific solution (usually water). Consistency provides ease of use means that the surface of the car. It is used for:

  • add color depth;
  • the acquisition of Shine;
  • protection against negative environmental influences.

The advantages and disadvantages of

The "Plus" of poland are the following:

  • available every motorist price;
  • a wide range of products. You can find the product with different properties and characteristics;
  • the possibility to use multiple times per season without damage to the painted surface of the body;
  • there is no need to prepare the motorist for the use of the product on the car.

Among the shortcomings, which has a Polish, it is necessary to highlight:

  • bad durability. The budget, which will be leaving as soon when you visit the car wash, and at best survive a few washes;
  • the need for careful use. If you do not have the knowledge and skills to be used in the surface of the machine, you run the risk of the distribution of the material is too thick. This can affect the look of the vehicle, and the feeling when touching the surface, it will be oily;
  • panel in white color of the rubber and plastic parts for carefree use.


Polishes for coachwork designed by many companies. This gives you the opportunity to pick up the manufacturer on the basis of reasonable prices and the characteristics of the product. On the market you can find domestic and foreign products.

Treatment colour of a car is not a luxury, but a necessity caused by the following factors:

  • the constant rapid changes in temperature;
  • careless driving, road traffic accidents;
  • the effects of chemicals on the color.

This is a wax will help to ensure, even though it is short, but very high quality sparkle effect and upgrade the colour of the car. The use of such a wax is especially important if the device needs to simply update the look. If there are numerous scratches and cracked paint, the best option is to use abrasives in the composition. Also do not forget about the processing not only of the body, headlights, wheels and control panel.