The owner of the opinions on liquid glass for cars, advantages and disadvantages, the use of

Extending the useful life of the car body and keep the Shine for the nail Polish coating, especially in adverse weather conditions, will be possible only with additional protection, which are not covered by the original manufacturers. To this end, we have a lot of assets, but in recent years, there is nothing more popular liquid glass. Reviews of car owners to prove their high efficiency.

What is the purpose


This title means Polish, which belong to the class of ceramic coatings based on nanotechnology. On the basis of the tools are complex chemical compounds which:

  • titanium oxide;
  • in the silicates of potassium and sodium;
  • aluminium oxide;
  • decamethylcyclopentasiloxane;
  • surface-active substances (less than 1%);
  • in nanoelements.

This liquid wax was invented to protect the body of 2008, and in the Russian market came from Japan about 2 years ago. Initially the tool was a two-component composition. The disadvantage of this glass is that the kit contains 2 tubes.

They must first be diluted in a ratio of 1: 1 strictly in accordance with the instructions, and then the treatment of the surface. Is a Japanese liquid glass is a little inconvenient to use.

Next was an updated version of the one-component glass. Such innovation does not require training and can be used immediately after opening the package. This is the best protection for the car today so the experts say.

Due to the absence of pigments, the liquid glass to protect the auto used on light and dark surfaces. For the purpose of processing there is no need to buy special equipment.

This Polish is available the complete set of necessary tools:

  • a special sponge (used for glass);
  • polyethylene gloves (protect the hands);
  • wipes to Polish the surface.

This Polish will not protect the machine from strong mechanical influences and damage, e.g. in case of accidents.

The mechanism of action and properties of the Polish is "Liquid glass"


In the milder climate car polishing liquid glass provides protection for up to 1 year. However, in our situation it is held on the surface of the body, for about 8 months or up to 100 washes.

The direct mechanism of the glass is reduced to the following stages:

  • After use, the interaction of the mass with the top layer of the paint coating (lpc code:).
  • The composition of kristallizuetsya and limited.
  • There is an invisible film, which has a number of properties.


Unlike a normal wax and a polymeric protective coatings, the Japanese de nano creates the body more resistant very thin protective film. The advantage resulting layer is that, with the use of this glass is not formed abrasive body Polish.

As you know, such a protective coating is only done 3 times, after which the car must be repaint. That is, it is totally safe for the car in terms of damage to the paint. It is possible to handle the body any number of times.

Processing machine with liquid glass, allowing the owner to obtain the following advantages:

  • Less of impurities, including dust (antistatic effect).
  • The durability and color depth
  • Protection against fading of color.
  • The smoothness of the coating and gain a shimmering Glow (the effect of new traffic).
  • Excellent resistance to scratches, chips and other minor mechanical damage.
  • Protection against aggressive chemicals (salt, gasoline, oil, road reagents).
  • Protection against corrosion due to the water repellent properties of hydrophobic formed film.
  • Elimination of small defects of the body.

Negative traits

Before and after

Those who have already used the Japan, poland, damage and other disadvantages of the current nano speculum directly on the car, since it was not disclosed. The main disadvantage of the liquid ceramic is the fact that the device owner will have to spend at least 3-4 hours. Time to lengthen, if everything is done by hand for the first time, without sufficient experience.

Moreover, it is a process that requires a lot of patience, the other disadvantage of this glass can be attributed to the lack of the desired result in conflict with technology use. Therefore, if the owner encountered such a class for the first time, it is best to consult your doctor and have yourself thoroughly to learn the rules of treatment.

In freezing temperatures, to apply the wax is impossible. Ideal conditions for the process – plus 15-30 degrees.

Instructions for use

Let us consider in more detail the question of how to put liquid glass in the car, if it is already available. The process is divided into several phases, one of which is very important.


Before you cover the car with liquid glass, you need to first thoroughly washed with a high-pressure method special means the surface of the body, so that does not remain any contaminants. Also if the car is new, it must be done urgently, because it can follow the factory oil.

Following the procedure of preparation boils down to the following steps:

  • Scouring the surface of the body with special solutions (antisilicone or alcohol). It is forbidden to used as solvents.
  • Again, wash only with water, without shampoo
  • Cleaning the body dry.


The body deposition of liquid de nano mark Wilson must always take place in a clean, draft-free room, where no light penetrates, dust and moisture. evenly. This is one of the main conditions to achieve the desired result.

The technique is as follows:

  • Dampen the sponge with Polish.
  • To visually divide the body into small areas. When the entire surface of the to handle quickly collapses, so every detail is polished separately. For example, work can begin with the wing, bumper or bonnet.
  • If you want to start to cause the liquid mass, which runs in the longitudinal and not circular motions. This should not go in a thick layer.
  • When a part is processed, to wait 30-40 minutes to start the process of polymerization. In the meantime, you can process another part of the body.
  • Then it has of napkin from the kit and remove the excess composition.
  • Then there is the chaotic, but the single smooth movement without pressure, by keeping your hands up and down, is the process of polishing to a mirror finish.
  • When the entire body is protected, you must give the vehicle about 12 hours to dry also.

You can't leave the team after the first coating is more than 1 hour, as it will harden and become impossible to Polish the surface.

Care treated the car

If you made a cover car liquid glass, the surface is forbidden to wash for 2 weeks. This is how much you need to layer fixed on the LCP body.

Otherwise, there is the question of how to care for the polished body of the car, this tool disappears. After all, to him more will not greatly stick to dirt, so is the number of sinks will decrease in 2-3 times. To get a fresh look, it is enough to wash the surface with plain water without the use of a more specific shampoos.

For sale is a Polish called "liquid glass" in specialized shops. But the store owners are ordering it over the Internet, placing mark-up, sometimes quite a lot. So, if you don't want to pay for the, every car owner can also buy these products the supplier's website, but at a lower price.