The treatment of car wax

What is useful for the treatment of body wax?


I have to handle the body with wax and how to do it correctly? Among the motorists there is a lot of conflicting opinions. In this article we will show you how to wax the body and what effect it provides.

The process the body uses both synthetic and natural – as a rule, vegetable waxes (e.g., Carnauba wax). The physical properties of synthetic and natural waxes are largely similar. Substances, oily quality with a melting point of 40-90 degrees. Waxes are water-insoluble, do not react with bases and acids.

What is the impact of the treatment car wax?

Due to its properties, beeswax has long been used for the treatment of the body of the car to improve its appearance and protect it against external influences. When the surface is rubbed with the wax particles of the wax are heated, melted and penetrate into the microcracks on the surface of the body. As a result, the surface is leveled. With a smooth surface the rays of the sun are reflected without breaking, which creates the effect of a mirror Shine.

In addition to the Shine, the wax provides protection to the color. It forms on the body of the film hydrophobic, which repels water. Because the wax does not affect the bases and acids, it protects the body against chemicals, as well as a number of substances of natural origin, for example, resin of coniferous trees. With the surface coated with wax, resin easier to rinse and does not leave a trace. Remove other types of dirt will require less effort, which indirectly protects the body from mechanical damage during the cleaning.

Types of wax, their strengths and weaknesses


It uses three main technologies of processing of body wax. This treatment of hot, cold and hard wax. Take into account the differences between them. Hot wax, as the name suggests, before use dilute with hot water, and then applied to the body. This method allows you to get a fairly thick layer of wax that protects your car not only from pollution but also from the corrosion. The disadvantage of this method is the rapid solidification of the wax, the ability to hold dust, so that the surface may lose its Shine.

Cold wax is applied by rubbing the surface of the paint. It is much easier to use than hot wax. Cold wax creates a mirror Shine, protects the surface from damage. However, its degree of protection, which is somewhat lower than that of hot wax.

The solid wax. To ensure the long-term results (apply to hard wax enough, on average once every 3-4 months). Hard wax is difficult to use, but provides good protection and aesthetic effect.

Choose the method of wax treatment must be based on the objectives: for example, for the pre-sale preparation of the car is hardly appropriate to the treatment of solid wax. Enough after washing for the treatment of cold shampoo wax.


In short, we note that many car manufacturers indicate in the instruction for use of the vehicle for the purposes of processing the body of the wax. If the manual of Your car based on such a recommendation, that does not take into account the treatment of the body, waxing is not recommended.