How to cover the car with liquid glass?

What is liquid glass? This is a durable protective coating for the Polish that takes an element, such as quartz. It interacts with the lpc code: on a molecular level. The advantage of this product is: you get a rich mirror Shine, protect from minor scratches, water and dirt repellent effect, masking small scratches, such as holograms and UV protection. Keeps the composition in average of 8 to 11 months, depending on the quality of the operation of the vehicle and the proper use of the product.

liquid glass

Before using the composition of the liquid, the glass is highly recommended polishing process. As all defects after polishing with the nail will be removed, and the car will be like from the salon.

A lot of car owners before applying the liquid glass flow step polishing. Consider a set of composition of liquids, glass, which does not require polishing.

Kit includes the following items:

  • The composition for the preparation of the body before applying the liquid glass;
  • Itself the liquid glass;
  • Shampoo, which will generate the properties of the composition.

The procedure of application of liquid glass

Step 1

The first step is, of course, the body wash. The car should be well washed, the paintwork must be free of any foreign objects such as dirt, dust. The whole process, including washing, should be carried out in a closed dust room.

Step 2

The composition for the preparation of the body is called "Willson the KNOWLEDGE THAT the CLEANER". Simply put, it is the abrasive milk. Together is the applicator. This applicator (sponge), we used 5-6 drops of milk and RUB on the parts of the body, such as on the hood. The direction of movement of the lip, while is not important, you can round, you can cross. When crushed, will feel the roughness, but after that the body will be smooth. Therefore, you must treat the entire car exploded. Of course, except for Windows and headlights. In addition, when the whole machine is not being considered. There is no need to wait for drying, just wait 3-5 minutes, during this time, you can process another part of the body. After five minutes, wipe the part clean with a microfiber cloth. Composition for pre-treatment removes minor scratches, tar, stubborn road dirt and the car becomes as after polishing.

the use of liquids, glass

Step 3

The liquid glass. Kit includes the following:

  • Manual;
  • Two part in bottles "A" and "b";
  • The applicator;
  • Pipette, that is a composition "In the" pour part "A";
  • Gloves in the package;
  • Microfiber cloth, yellow;
  • A soft green cloth, with which you will be polishing for a mirror finish.

To cover the car with liquid glass, the bottle with the letter "b" transfuse into the bottle with the letter "A" pipette. Further, this composition must be thoroughly stirred and applied to the applicator. It is not necessary to pour too much. A little poured on the body, seeing the wet trail, that should be enough. Used the composition must also be exploded. For example, put it on the roof while dry, place on the hood. The applicator also need to undergo longitudinal movement, that is, up – down, left – right. This is done to ensure there are no missing parts. Limit machine liquid glass all glass (except windshield), chrome, plastic, lights. The plastic becomes saturated, juicy.

After using the item, wait for 10-15 minutes, then passing the yellow microfiber cloth. Without the effort that is put just a hand on the cloth and begin to surface. This is necessary to align the layer on the surface. Allow to dry for about 15 minutes.

Step 4

Put on a plastic glove and do the same thing, only to have the green cloth. Also no pressure on the cloth. Under the weight of the cloth to wipe the residue composition at the same time raspolirovyvayut. Occasionally turn the cloth. Gloves necessary to avoid touching the surface of the hands and leaves no greasy marks. When raspolirovyvayut, look carefully at all the angles to nowhere follows the composition.


After you have exploded treatment the entire car, wait about 6 – 8 hours. Ideally you need to give the car to stand on the day, stronger is in the same room where the treated composition, that is, not to spill dust. The first 7 days of the machine do not wash with shampoo. Pure water can knock down the dirt, but autochemistry the first week that we don't use.

After two or three months, you can use a shampoo Willson. It is notable that dissolve in water, it is not necessary. For shampoo attached to the sponge. The use of the shampoo on the sponge and started to RUB. Forms a layer in need of polishing. So, it's like the shampoo – polisher. This should be done, as well as in parts, starting with the roof. As a result, all of the hydrophobic properties and the regeneration and Shine your car as if only treated with liquid glass.

Please be aware that you need to cover the car with liquid glass in indoor areas that do not get on the surface of the powder. As well as to apply the composition in direct sunlight. Do not apply liquid glass to the windshield. It is impossible to apply the composition directly to the whole machine, because if you wait the allotted time, the composition dries and the no benefit from it will not. Dries, grind it will be impossible, and very difficult to remove. On the street will be clearly visible. The drying time depends on the temperature of the air in the room. The lower the temperature, the longer it will take to dry. Follow the instructions, calculate the time necessary to wait after application before rubbing. When using a shampoo similar warnings.