The processing of the car body liquid glass

Buying a new car, man who seeks to retain the luster of its beautiful color. Changing conditions in the environment confer a respectable machine microscopic scratches. They accelerate the corrosion of the body which has lost aesthetic appeal, which were obtained in the production process. From the plant cover, too, is deprived of certain features that ensures maximum protection of surfaces on the vehicle.

handle auto car liquid glass

As the sandpaper microscopic sand particles gradually remove the layers of paint. The chemical de-icers, which asperget frozen winter frost, the road becomes a catalyst that increase the rate of spread of corrosion. Rough made washing machines, also violates the integrity of the coating structure. Therefore, a motorist handles your vehicle in a variety of expolit.

Recently, the Russian market started selling a special liquid glass for cars, today became a reliable method of protection, which has received a lot of positive opinions of customers.

Liquid glass is the latest technology of protection of the car body

Treated with this material body is protected from corrosion, damage more effectively than covered cerae expolit color. In 2008, Japan became the first country, where the molten glass began to be used to preserve the original appeal of cars. As part of the new nail polishes are compounds of silicon of the component, and quartz.

The substance is allowed to use on the body and glass of the car. This will prevent the glass ugly separation, which allows not to activate the glass in the process of movement of the vehicle. Applied to the body Polish to remove minor scratches and abrasions, and saturate the color of the color of deep shadow. The dirt-repellent property of the liquid speculum coatings prevent the absorption of flying under the wheels of the car of the dirt into the paint, making it easier for her to wash with normal water.

After processing the car body liquid glass appear maxime utile benefits missing from most other rescue activities. The durable film will be the last on the body to eighteen months, preventing the coating from fading under ultraviolet light, maintaining the original gloss not dimming colors. Polish will be closed microscopic scratches on the surface of the body, the body on the metal parts, which will slow the accumulation of hazardous charge of static electricity. Speculum of the Liquid film resists corrosive chemicals.

Training transport to a surface treatment with liquid glass

Before the use of this type of paint for a thorough preparation of the surface to be processed. During the trip, fresh bought a car is exposed to the appearance of the persistent dirt, remains of insects, tar spots, dirty crazing, so that the area of your body clean from all of the above. Professional car owners is additionally found close to the chips and scratches to the paintwork.

handle auto car liquid glass score

The vehicle is completely washed under pressure in a special shampoo to eliminate the most visible pollution. Washed the car, treated with abrasive paste, amotio collected in the subtle cracks of the dirt. Such a stage will leave a contamination of the closed liquid glass after the protective treatment of the body. Spot bitumen and left with crushed insects traces are eliminated with a high-quality cleaners.

The whole body is preliminary degreased alcohol-containing solutions, and the use of solvents will have the opposite effect. At the end of the preparatory procedures, the machine is again washed with water supplied under high pressure, without chemical additives. After wiping with a clean cloth, transport his body allowed to handle liquid glass.

The use of liquid glass on the car body

This cheap high quality material is packaged in bottles of 300 ml, which allows you to cover the body five or six times. A common mistake is to strive people to operate the machinery. Proper treatment of the transport of liquid glass required to be used for nail Polish stain of its individual parts. The Jar of the substance, together with sponge and microfiber cloth. Through the sponge composition is used, and of napkin spread evenly across the surface.

Treated liquid glass, the car is left for 45 minutes or one hour to the polymerized composition. At the end of the waiting period, the material can be wiped with the help of proper movement. Areas, turns are processed with moves performed from the top down. Used in a similar way to modern Polish, will the color of the end of the car is beautiful and brilliant.