Wax for car: which is better to choose a

Has anyone wondered, why do I need to wax the car, where and how it is used.

OSK for the car

Many of course know what it is, but not all, and when you start to ask, say that they shone to a certain extent this is true, but not quite.

Shine mostly use the wax, the wax is a little for other purposes, which we now analyze in more detail.

What wax for a car

The purpose of the wax, the following serves to maintain the color of your vehicle, as you would say, more exactly, to protect it.

The handling of the car wax gives a nice effect and protects the coating from environmental influences.

When applying the wax to the car surface creates a protective film, which contributes to conservation of color.

Water, dirt, salt after treatment with wax does not penetrate into various small scratches, chips and thereby to help protect your vehicle from premature corrosion.

Although the current nail polishes are wax-based abound, which faces the protective cover of the machine, but still the Polish is designed to restore the Shine of the car and this is its main role. Don't forget to read the article how to Polish a car.

Coat the car with wax should be regularly, usually, experts suggest doing it at least two or three times a year.

Of course, before the processing is necessary to carefully clean the surface in the color of the vehicle and remove all dirt, such as bitumen.

There are several types of wax, used by the drivers which is better is hard to say, because in different seasons of the year, it is better to use different types of.

What is the wax for cars:

  • Wax is in the form of a spray.
  • It is also a liquid wax.
  • The solid wax.
  • Synthetic waxes.

Understanding what types of wax should be applied to his use, father-in-law about this, what surfaces should be used for wet or dry.

Wet or dry handling car wax

The Spray is probably one of the worst options, though it applied easily and washed off fairly quickly just a few washes. Then again, we have to repeat the process with the surface processing machine.

A more efficient use of liquid car wax, although its a bit more complicated, but the result is much better than the spray. And doing it in this way.

After washing, dry the car with air, but not dry, just remove excess water that has accumulated in some areas, and apply the molten wax evenly over the car body, allow to stand for about three minutes.

Then in a light wash with water, particularly in those places where collects excess wax. Drier air and slightly rubbed to Shine by hand.

The following is a hard wax is still a few calls hard to deal, this kind of wax protective film that lasts a long time and not rinsed off as fast as the others, but after about two, three months.

Processing of hard wax takes a lot of time, first you have to wash the car, the other to dry thoroughly, as this type of wax, which is applied only to a dry surface, and then carefully polished, are rubbed with a soft cloth.

The following is a synthetic wax, which is very common and even added to some shampoos for vehicles.

Usage is very simple, because this guy is the current status, and what is most important it takes a lot longer than in the other samples, and approximately half of the year. Yes, if we talk about the price, it cost 120 rubles, and the seven hundred and also above it all depends on your queries.


So, don't know why you need the wax for the car, as and when it is used, I want to finish this article and wish you all good and smooth roads and of course without errors.