Hard wax for car: benefits, procedure of application

There are many different tools that is intended for the treatment of the body of the vehicle with additional protection. Some of these substances, such as waxes, do not perform the protective function. Your attention is given a detailed description of the variety of wax. Also, learn about the features of this waxy coating, and which technology is used for the application. What is the best hard wax for the car? Assessment and the use of technology. About this and more on.

wax for car

What is this?

Wax for the car is designed to protect colour. This tool creates a kind of film that keeps the integrity of the body from a variety of minor damage and splits.

And in that moment, when it was used for the paintwork, where it was already damaged, can hide errors and protect the body from further damage. Because it is wax, which prevents the penetration of water, salts and other chemical constituents of the metal, which is resistant to corrosion. On this basis, it becomes clear that wax is the perfect protection for the body against UV rays, rust, minor scratches and chips.

How do I protect myself?

Using wax on car body after washing the car makes the look of the vehicle more attractive, the paint becomes shiny. Wax helps protect the car from water drops that fall on the vehicle, drain and gradually dry it, don't leave a trace.

Types of wax

Must be divided according to different classifications:

  1. Solid.
  2. Fluid.
  3. Spray.
  4. Synthetic.

Wax spray is popular because it poorly protects the paintwork of the car and washed off after a few washes. This is the reason why drivers often refuse this type of protection. But despite this, wax spray basic is used for vehicles.

Liquid wax, which due to its properties very resistant to various influences depending on the spray. Use of technology is not simple: it is necessary with a soft cloth, apply on the body and gradually the eggs.

Depending on the solid wax, has the characteristic properties of the applications. It is to be used on completely dry area of the body. This process takes too much time, but the result takes much longer: a protective wax is enough for 3-4 months.

But synthetic wax is the most persistent, which allows for protection coverage for six months. Use synthetic wax is very simple: to lend itself for the uniform distribution. This product is part of specific shampoos for vehicles.

how to cover with wax

Classification by mode of use

It is also the classification by use of the method.

  • Hot.
  • Penn.
  • Cold.

Cold wax is a special liquid, which is composed of a large number of active components and a wax emulsion. Thus, an unusual cover for the car is applied to the hand. But it is important to a deficiency - unfortunately, it is still not too long. To consolidate the effect, after each car wash must re-apply.

Hot wax in its composition is a liquid substance which is natural or artificial origin. This substance, which melts at a temperature of 90 degrees Celsius. This type of wax, which is considered the highest quality, as it is completely transparent, the car does not remain any traces.

Hot wax is very susceptible to various weather challenges. The material for a long time retains its working ability. For six months the owner does not know that the body must be protected against corrosion or any other effects. The technique of hot wax is that it is necessary, dilute with hot water and then with a soft cloth or sponge to RUB the whole body. The only disadvantage of this substance is its high price.

Foam wax its features are complete similarity with the hot, but the only difference is the method of application. The distribution of this substance cover of the car, manually it is impossible, because it requires special equipment. This device should form emulsions and foams with air and water. The use of this wax enables a high degree of protection for the nail.

Classification by origin

Wax for the car has several species origin:

  • Bee.
  • Mineral.
  • Synthetic.
  • Plant.

Its composition, each type of wax is a General similarity, so pay attention to the choice of coatings for the protection of body type of of origin is not necessary.

Depending on a variety of solid wax for the car, has its own characteristics.

When selecting the wax for application to the body of the car is necessary to take into account the fact that the too low price means that it is unstable and will last long. Liquids and solids often fulfil only those cars, which used more than five years.

And for those vehicles that are a little older, ideal for polishing. The wax provides excellent protection for the body of the polishing makes it look attractive due to the fact that will removed the top layer of Polish.

Wax with abrasives is similar to the traditional polishing, so while choosing makeup, you need to consider this option. Abrasive wax is necessary to improve and refresh the look of the machine and remove any errors.

For new cars, our coating has no defects, you should use a pure wax without any additional components.

A few features cover, car hard wax

Cover car wax, which you need in the garage, so that they do not get direct sunlight. Before you use the mixture, you should mix everything thoroughly. When I have a better car, whether it is dry and wipe the surface with a cloth or paper towel to dry.

It is worth mentioning the fact that often the coating of hard wax on the car included a car wash.

hot wax

At the time of shampooing, which contains the wax, the car should be washed with warm water. When applying the coating on the car body would have to do the same movement from top to bottom. When washing the vehicle wheels, it is recommended that you rinse the with another sponge. Also, try not to use silicone tools or shampoos, which in its composition are alkali or an acid. This will have a negative impact on the condition of the vehicle.