Liquid glass for cars: reviews, review, instructions for use

One of the latest know-how from the manufacturers of cosmetics for cars – liquid glass. Opinions on this trend are mixed, so there is something to parse and weigh the pros and cons. The longer that the car market offers a great selection of similar products, which is very easy to get confused ordinary man on the street.

liquid glass for car

In General, the consistency of liquid glass, has been used in the last two hundred years. The basic solution is a mixture of potassium and sodium, and because of the composition has excellent properties, tenaces, and a good waterproofing. Original liquid glass is used in the construction of buildings and structures for the precious people. But at the end of the twentieth century, the solution is added silica and has a modern and synthetic liquid glass for polishing cars.

What is this?

The first manufacturers of this type of cosmetics, as well as the developers, were the Japanese. They started using a new synthetic composition as a protective coating for cars. Japanese liquid glass appeared in 2008, and only a few months has swept across the world as interesting, useful and, most importantly, profitable innovation.

One of the reasons that this composition enjoys an enviable popularity is the durability. That is, unlike conventional cosmetics, where the maximum possible extent in a few months, the best liquid glass car can last on the body for more than one year in severe weather conditions (Northern regions). If the latter is more or less favourable (southern regions), and all three years.


The owners of the cars, two to three years old or older, are increasingly paying attention to the paintwork coating of car body. Chips, scratches, fading, and other problems occur on this in any case, of course, if your vehicle is not standing in the garage all this time.

The ordinary means for the care of the body, that is, expolit, usually made of wax, and special, from polymers and silicone. This protection (especially trademarks, as well as the quality) is quite to cope with their tasks. However, as mentioned above, even in the most favorable climatic conditions, it is necessary to "upgrade" from month to month. While the liquid glass is the order of magnitude of more.

The brightest and costs

Liquid glass is presented in the automotive market in wide range and it is very expensive. Yes, you can find junk Chinese consumer goods in a variety of colors and stripes, but you're just throwing money away and spend a lot of nerves, that cause some strange (and sometimes dangerous) on the back side of your car.

If you want to start to understand how much of the liquid glass for cars. The price of the regular expolit the middle class, not high. There are of course more expensive, but they are already all kinds of extra effects, such as snow on the body, mirrors, a chameleon, and the other "chips".

liquid glass for cars how to use

Japanese expolit

The most known representative and some kind of benchmark in the segment of such a Polish is, again, the Japanese liquid glass for cars. Analogues of this composition in the automotive market just yet. Opinions on liquid glass for cars of this brand are all positive, and some of the critical weaknesses of neither the users nor the experts say.

Properties expolit:

  • long operating life (up to three years);
  • high-power damage;
  • hydro - luto-aspernabilis effect;
  • mirror Shine;
  • maintains and enriches the original color of the body;
  • not abrasive problems (smooth and pleasant to the touch).

Any serious restrictions on the work without the Polish. This means that the used composition can be any car enthusiast in a garage or covered Parking. The only thing, be sure to read the instructions for use and liquid glass for cars. The thing is expensive, has to be used properly, so that it would not throw money to the wind.


If you get regular Polish for hand use, and not for service salons, the kit should be all you need. No special tools or other equipment to perform the work, that are not needed is only a desire, free of time and place.

Equipment expolit:

  • the brand composition in the tube;
  • hardener;
  • vial for mixing;
  • special cloth for body;
  • gloves for hand protection from chemicals;
  • some of the towels and sponge;
  • the instruction for use.

Again I need to remind you that before you use liquid glass for the car, be sure to read the instructions carefully. In addition, it is not as large as the other instructions for the car, but everything is told will help you not only at work, but will save from many mistakes, done by beginners in this business. And after all the money, this part is good, and to spoil, that it is very easy.

Judging by the reviews on liquid glass for cars, most owners of serious problems which have arisen. Some critical nuances in the case, of course, but nothing you could not handle the ordinary motorist.

Preparation for work

Before you start using the expolit must be met. First, the outside temperature must not be lower +10* +40*. So in the winter it is better to do it in the garage and in the summer the well-ventilated car Parking. Rain, snow and other bad weather can have a serious impact, so that it is useful to know the weather in advance. The process takes 3 to 4 hours time, and if you manually Packed, sometimes even less.

If you have already covered the car with any Polish, it can be removed with a special compound (sold separately). The latter is better to choose silicone or alcohol, of poor quality, such as bromide. It should also be noted that any intermediate layer between the paint coating and Polish the body greatly aggravates the adhesion (adhesion of the composition of the paint).

So, the car should be:

liquid glass for car preparation for work
  • well washed;
  • no dirt (fluff, asphalt crumbs, etc);
  • low fat and dry.

Then you can move on to the next phase.

Apply the Polish

After all the preparation, and if you do this for the first time, it is better to choose a small area of the body and for the testing of the existing structure on it. Judging by the reviews on liquid glass for cars, some owners were waiting for a strong disappointment.

The first thing that the domestic motorist is constantly facing, is a forgery. By buying on the market, from an unknown agent, such as cosmetics, you run a high risk of running into fake. In this case, the most you can expect is a beautiful Polish that will peel off in a few weeks, well, the rest – the cat in the bag. So buy these compounds in better branding, as well as proven, outlet.

Characteristics of the use of cosmetics

The following effects. The choice of liquid glass, you can find compounds with all the Supplements. This is for the base color of your body can add to the effects of mirrors, darkness, gamma, or other "features". On the box it looks impressive, but in reality can look quite different. Therefore, it is best to try the liquid glass on the small area of the body, and the only way to process the whole car. It should also be noted that such products are produced in two versions – for light and dark coatings.

The process is similar for the sink: take of napkin and gently "wash" the car without missing any plot. Strongly RUB the composition, like a regular Polish, it is not necessary. After a walk through of napkin on the body, it will change its color and quality characteristics, so to skip to the individual sections is very difficult. And falls on liquid glass car paint much better than regular Polish.

After using cosmetics, you have to give your time to gain a foothold. Most Japanese Polish needs at least six hours, so that the composition of the obtained performance. Therefore, after performing the work that is necessary to leave the car alone, and let chemistry do its thing.

What do you get?

At the end we get the full protection of the body from the external environment. If we take into account the famous Japanese brand Willson and its products, liquid glass can withstand up to 50 major service car washes. The result is a very, very good, because the alternative in the face of conventional expolit dissolve after 5-7 washes.

If you take the statistical data collected in specialized auto forums, and assessments from the owners, we will see that one of the cover body with the liquid glass takes about six months. The procedure, usually performed before one of the seasons. That is, one coating will be enough for all of the summer transition in the fall or throughout the winter spring.

liquid glass for cars result

It's worth it?

In addition to the practical benefits for the body, the latter gets a lot of attraction. After processing the car with liquid glass looks great and clean, as if just descended from the conveyor belt. If you put two cars near where one is covered with a Polish of such a plan, the difference is not the only catch, and it hurts the eyes.

It should also be noted the significant benefits of the hand wash of the car. If you have previously required for bathing shampoo, plenty of water and a whole bunch of cloth to restore the gloss, but now it is enough just to wash the body a small amount of fluid, and your faithful friend again shines. Even a small rain is enough to clean your car.

The owner polished with liquid glass the car is completely not terrible stains, dirt or small scratches. Yes, this makeup is different, it is not a cheap price, but it is worth the money, and the result, after processing in the body, you will be wonderful.