Car shampoo: how to choose and use them

Car shampoo is a gentle cleanser that not only cleans the car from dirt, but also adds a Glow the color of the body, and with a thin protective layer, which protects the surface from scratches. For cleaning the car, releasing the special shampoos with a high foaming: a coating that absorbs the moisture, instead of water, you need to clean the foam.

shampoo for cars

Cleaners for the kitchen and home categorically not suitable as a shampoo for cars, as leaving lines and contains hard particles that can scratch the body, or corrode the paint. In addition, most of these tools, which are designed to fight against home, i.e. organic pollution, while the vehicle should be clean and natural contaminants and petroleum products.

Types of shampoos for cars

On the market and in online shops a wide range of shampoos for car different colors and different shapes. When choosing a shampoo, pay attention to the manufacturer and date of manufacture. The consistency should be homogeneous, without sediment. It is important that the composition of the salts was not: instead, they must submit a surfactant — surface-active substance, and a wax or Teflon.

Are the same types of shampoos, which are of about the same composition, and is the price in this case should not play a role in the selection. It is better to buy shampoo in large bottles, it is more profitable.

Car shampoo-conditioner

The most popular shampoos-device. Contain specific substances that are good removes dirt and stains from oil, not that they would have to strongly RUB the surface.

Due to the polymer additives produced when washing the foam layers of the sand grains and dirt particles, preventing their contact with the paint, so the body has no scratches during washing. Air conditioning is used for strengthening protective varnish. After washing the color becomes brighter and shines better.

Car shampoo-conditioner smells good and leaves no streaks (but in any case it is better to wash the body with clean water). Air conditioners are available in different colors and brands. So shampoos can be used not only for Polish, but also glass, plastic, and rubber.

The most effective for hand washing shampoos for commercial vehicles, which contains powerful tools that remove the fat.

Car shampoo with wax

In addition to the superb cleaning abilities, these shampoos have protective properties: the wax on the surface of the body forms a film that protects the nail against external influences and corrosion, gives extra Shine and "seal" the cracks. Shampoos with wax, you can wash all the paintwork, but they are particularly good for metal. Such means are in accordance with the waxed protective equipment.

How to wash the car with shampoo

Most of the tools should be diluted with water, so it is important to read the manufacturer's recommendations on the packaging. These typically need to be dissolved in a bucket of water, 2-3 capful (or 30-50 g of concentrate) — this quantity will give a lot of foam. Some of the bottles can cause a dimensional scale, which is very convenient.

Wash the car need a special brush, not a cloth or sponge, which collects particles of dust and dirt and can scratch the surface. After using the shampoo for cars, any special wipe surface with a soft cloth, then rinse off the shampoo with clean water.

car wash

After washing the window should be wiped with the wipes for glass and body with a dry cloth. It is not necessary to wait until the surface has dried itself — in this case, the body will continue to divorces.