Liquid glass for vehicles: application of the methods, advantages and disadvantages

Every car, however, caution to not move, over time, errors in color. Mostly scuffs and small scratches. For the body is shining again, it can be to paint, but it will be very expensive. It is much better to cover the car Polish, fortunately now there is a huge number.

liquid glass for car

The main disadvantage of these tools is that the protection of the body remains relatively short period of time. To make life easier for motorists in Japan created a structure — the so-called liquid glass, which is able to save the talent for 3 years, but in the Russian reality, this polishing body retains in its original form, to not more than 1 year.

What is liquid glass

This is the chemical composition based on silicon dioxide. After using it in the car, the body forms a protective layer that protects the nail Polish against dust, dirt and various mechanical damage.

Speaking in plain language, this drug is in fact glass, and as such, is not the name only describes the resulting effect of the use. The car only starts to Shine, as if she poured a real glass. Despite the fact that the Polish is transparent, it is divided into two types: for dark and light cars.

Preparatory work

The first phase of the lake surface preparation. How well you prepare depends on the final result.

  1. Preparation for installation in the vehicle. Usually, the tool is equipped with the following equipment: polisher, polishing towel, sponge, gloves, hardener. It should be noted that the hardener is present only in the two component compositions. Each component is very important and if not included, must be purchased from the seller.
  2. Preparation of the body. The first thing that you need to wash and dry the car, and then degrease the surface. If this is not done, the service life of polishing can be reduced in several times.
  3. The choice of location. It is not necessary to apply the composition on the street. Dust and dirt will quickly settle on the surface and can significantly spoil the appearance of the car. Yeah, and ultraviolet rays are not well affect the result. This is the best for this purpose, the appropriate garage, it's dry and warm, and is an important factor for high-quality processing of auto liquid glass.

Car cover

  1. Before use the composition of the product, you need to try, because it connects with a small area of the body. If bad use, make sure you have dissolved the wax, as well as how well the car is washed off the dirt.
  2. For the handling of the car has to be fast to prevent drying of nail polishes.
  3. Processing is necessary for the implementation of circular motions, with a special microfibre cloth, this method is used when there is no polishing machine.
  4. Keep the surface clean.
  5. After the treatment it is necessary to let the car dry for 3-6 hours.

It should be noted that the treatment of the composition occurs only at 2 weeksand in this time it is not advisable for washing your car, such as the sink and manually.

The advantages of the use

  1. Low cost. In comparison with similar substances, coating machine liquid glass, which is much cheaper, which allows you to apply a protective layer even on budget cars.
  2. Resistance to chemical attack. Using this Polish will help protect the body, not only from mechanical and chemical influences.
  3. Resistance to moisture and dirt. After covering the car with liquid glass you will be less likely to visit a car wash, because dirt will not stick on the surface of your car.
  4. Protection against scratches. Color your car will be under reliable protection in all conditions, or is a trip to the countryside or around the city.
  5. The colour saturation. Coating liquid glass gives the car a bright saturated color and protects the paint fading from the sun.
  6. Fast recovery. If any part of the body is faded or been damaged, then it can be restored very quickly and with minimal costs.
  7. Long life-span. Can keep its protective properties for a period of 12 months. After this period only need to update the layer of varnish.
how to use


As with other nail polishes, this tool has its drawbacks, among which can be assigned, such as:

  • the use of the drug sometimes requires a special tool — grinding machines, which is not always convenient;
  • the cover itself takes much less time than painting, but it is much more drought;
  • the inability to produce work at a negative temperature.

But, despite the flaws, today is the best liquid glass Polish, providing a high level of protection of the body against external influences.