Liquid glass for a car: Is there an advantage to covering a car with liquid glass

Liquid glass is said by motorists to be much more effective than using wax or polishing technologies to provide light to the body.

What liquid glass is used for

The use of liquid glass allows the car to shine and restores the gloss damaged by time. One of the advantages of using the technology is that the liquid glass protects the car's coating and does not allow water and air to pass through. The fact that the development of this device was initially done exclusively for industrial purposes and the liquid glass should have protected the mechanisms. However, the invention quickly entered the automotive industry.

Thus, liquid glass is not only a more aesthetic appearance, but also an excellent tool for waterproofing.

How coverage works

how to cover the car with liquid glass

In order to get the best paint finish, the car should be washed thoroughly before it is done (no small amount of grease or dirt, dust on the surface) and dried.

The detergent used for washing must be wax-free - this can negate the full polishing effect.

Polishing itself is quite simple - the material is applied to a sponge, which further processes the surface of the machine.

The master then walks over the top with a damp cloth and lets the varnish dry for at least an hour.

What is the effect of the procedure?

Visible to the naked eye - the car's body receives a similar glow as when the car is wet. The color of the coating becomes lighter and more saturated.

liquid glass also protects the coating from corrosion, does not allow water and air to pass through, removes and masks small scratches and prevents them from appearing in the future. Motorists who regularly paint with liquid glass note that this protects the color of the car from the sun during the warm season.

How to care for a liquid glass car

Immediately after coating, the vehicle must dry for at least one hour. With the right application of the paint, the coating lasts for about six months. The quality and frequency of washing can affect durability. We recommend that you do this with plain water without using aggressive agents. The car will be very easy to clean as the liquid glass will repel dirt and grease.

Medium quality coatings can take up to 10-15 car washes.