Which wax is best for your car

which wax is better for the car

Even the most expensive modern cars are losing their demonstrable appearance over the years. The paint ages and is destroyed by extreme temperature conditions, precipitation and ultraviolet radiation. Microscopic scratches appear in the lacquer layer, which expand over time.

After that, the microcracks only become more visible. The light of the old paintwork fades, and the different paintwork can only give a temporary effect. The more expensive the car, the more it loses its appeal. Liquid wax may be the optimal way out of such phenomena, given its excellent regenerative properties.

What is liquid wax

We all know the concept of ordinary wax, but what kind of wax is this for the car? It is an automotive chemistry product developed to create a protective coating on a car paint. It must be water repellent.

In addition to car wax:

  • prevents premature aging and destruction of the coating;
  • facilitates subsequent washing with manual and automatic tools;
  • speeds up drying and increases its efficiency;
  • and most importantly, to keep the vehicle looking attractive.

Regardless of which car wax is best suited for a particular car brand, it must resist the ingress of aggressive components beneath the surface of the coating. At first glance, it is easy to distinguish between treated and untreated bodies. It is visually noticeable that the treated coating shines and shines, has a smooth surface. You can quickly recognize such coatings even in wet weather. In the wax, raindrops do not spread over the entire surface. They first gather into spheres and then simply roll off the body.

If you ignore this procedure, road dirt and dust will eventually penetrate deeper and deeper under the surface of the paint and accumulate in it. To regain the visual appeal of your car, you need to visit car wash services more and more often. By using wax, you can save your car from these problems in a relatively short time and cheaply.

How to expect the effects of waxing

machine waxing before and after photos

Waxing is the best way to keep car paints visible. But it’s not just about aesthetic features. The wax provides protection for the body and prevents premature aging of the coating.

It is best to entrust the work to professionals who have the necessary qualifications, manufacturing capabilities and equipment. Adherence to application technology combined with high-quality ingredients guarantees long-term operation while providing a cool look.

Pros and Cons of Car Waxing

The benefits of this method of paint protection are more than sufficient. It's popular with car enthusiasts for the following reasons:

  • creates a durable and aesthetic coating that restores its shine;
  • reduces the amount of contaminants entering cracks and irregularities, making it easier to maintain the car;
  • it takes less time to dry the vehicle;
  • creates a high-quality protective coating against harmful ultraviolet radiation, dust and dirt.

Any car can and should be coated with liquid or solid wax based products. Manufacturers are often advised to perform a similar procedure before first selling a new car at a dealership’s showroom. In addition, waxing the body is recommended for cars that have been sanded to restore the worn coating.

Despite the many positive aspects, car waxing has its drawbacks. Of these, we can highlight the high cost of some work if it is performed in a professional service center using foreign autochemical equipment from reputable manufacturers. Another point could potentially be related to the possibility of spots or streaks on the body if the procedure is performed improperly.

Liquid wax types

What is the best wax for a car is traditionally asked by motorists.

Today, there are 3 main types of this car chemical product, each with its own characteristics:

  1. Cold car waxis ​​characterized by a significant content of surface materials that are cationic in their active composition. Another essential ingredient is the emulsion. The use of such a product perfectly fills the smallest cracks, scratches and any type of unevenness. Even in terms of cost and bodywork, even the best cars can be cold waxed. A reliable protective layer is created, body light increases, washing is easier and the drying process is accelerated. A manual method is used for application and polishing. To consolidate the effect, it is advisable to repeat the procedure after several washes.
  2. hot car waxis ​​a soft paraffin-containing material, whether artificial or natural. Even the artificial version is one of the best synthetic waxes. High quality types of these products include so-called carnauba wax. It is characterized by high melting point, special transparency, increased resistance to mechanical damage. Such chemicals generally melt in the temperature range of 40 to 90 degrees Celsius. The protective properties of such a coating remain unchanged for 6-12 months. Hard hard paste wax must first be brought to a different state - this is done by diluting it with hot water. It can be applied with a clean cloth or napkin, and then the body should be carefully polished with slow circular motions. Expensive types of polishers can be supplemented with special additives that have anti-corrosion purposes. Liquid hot wax is more expensive than cold wax because of its ingredients.
  3. Like the hot variety, the so-calledfoam wax has similar properties.They are no longer applied manually, but using special equipment. To do this, the liquid or solid synthetic wax is diluted with water to give an emulsion. Air is added and the finished combination is sprayed onto the surface of the vehicle body. The foam emulsion in the classification of synthetic automotive waxes is considered to be the most effective in creating a protective layer. Not only does it spread evenly, but it also adheres perfectly to the surface.

Any spray wax other than foam emulsion can be easily applied and applied by hand. However, in order to take into account the long-term operation, the machine is thoroughly washed and dried before the procedure is performed, after which it is ready for the procedure. Shake the liquid car wax bottle thoroughly before applying the product.

Treatments should not be performed in direct sunlight. It is advisable to start applying the preservative from the roof, gradually descending to the bottom in small areas. First, the material is sprayed on the entire surface of the body, and after 15-20 minutes it can be rubbed in with gentle circular motions. In fact, both hot wax and cold wax are great for hand making. Automotive manufacturers pay attention: during processing, the ambient temperature should not deviate by more than 20 degrees in one direction or another.

Which car wax is better

There is a lot of choice in the car care products market and it is not always possible to find a clear answer to the question of "how to cover" - which wax is better for this or that car. Not all of them insist and apply equally.

It is better to predefine car polishes in terms of their performance:

  • spray wax.It is the worst choice because after 1-2 washes or the same amount of rain there will be no sign of protection. The processing must be repeated over and over again;
  • Liquid form of a wax product.The best wax to create the protective layer. For a long time, it will delight the motorist with the impeccable appearance of his vehicle, given the technology, time and effort. A clean car will be thoroughly dried and then you can apply the product in a liquid state. In order for the body to shine like it is blowing with a new, additional stream of air;
  • is ​​a solid, waxy product.Recommended for motorists who are constantly looking for an answer to the question of which wax is best to protect the body in any climatic conditions. Apply to a dry and cleaned surface and then thoroughly polish immediately afterwards;
  • hot waxcreates the brightest light possible. The product must be diluted with hot water before use.

If you choose car chemicals for your iron, you need to pay attention to its color. The bodywork of a white car requires more protection than others. On such machines, traces of the negative impact of environmental factors are most visible. High-quality waxing emphasizes color and gives the coating a “brilliant gloss” effect, creating a high-quality protective layer and preventing dust particles from settling.