Experience with the use of Silane Guard

This story told us, Antonio in Bergamo (Italy). The man told me about how the liquid glass Silane Guard helps maintain the look of the cars in your family.

Experience with the use of Silane Guard

My wife and I decided to buy a car. I was right, and she would need to go to learn. Tried to convince her not to get a driver's license, but wanted it anyway. Said always wanted to be behind the wheel and is confident it will succeed. I did not want to spoil relations with her, and show that I very much doubt in their abilities, so I decided to let go a try, maybe she will change her mind.

Don't think I'm a bully or live with the stereotypes that a woman behind the wheel is bad, it's just my skepticism was very serious reasons. For the first time, a woman is a person who is extremely annoyed, she can't focus on anything. And that is the control over several classes, we are not even talking. This is to follow the road, at the same time, to look to the side and rear view mirrors, pay attention to the pedals and derailleur this would be very difficult. And with a good eye she has, frankly, problems. If the kitchen is not able to always identify that you look at some of the things to celebrate with the distance and the size of the machine it would be very difficult. Let alone the fact that it is completely focused on the terrain, I'm generally quiet.

In General, even the hope was that it simply would not pass the exams. At first: I passed it a couple of times, and in some once was happy – she still got it right. As of this moment, my quiet life was over. Then her car will not start, it does not come, it is a little fit at the gate, with a supermarket trolley scratches. In General, the calls began to cause me anxiety, even before I pick up the phone. The conversation is always the same: "Hi, honey, here's the thing..." and then it was something like "I didn't even think about it, that these branches are so close" or "a child just wanted to see, and there is such a small scratch".

Silane Guard a great way to protect the car body

When in the service station where I had to correct all their "accidents", I am welcomed by name, I realized that I needed to change something. Boys are advised to use liquid glass Silane Guard. In General, bought a car of a lower class, the wizard automatically repair plated body 4 layers Silane Guardand now, without any problems: even though the button on the skirt performed randomly, although the child bike obloquy on the car Parking, although it was a little miscalculated the space on the paint without scratching.

Other than that Silane Guard protects the body from scratches, it also gives a neat appearance of the car. This is just from the salon or by a professional cleaning. Glitters, shimmers and dirt it just slides off. The guys at the service station said that in addition to the composition of the liquid glass protects the metal from corrosion, that is, a machine that will last longer. Then I decided to cover the car, but, if you look at the price of the bottle Silane Guard and compare it with what is the cost to take it in the car, I decided that I can play alone.

Bought Silane Guard and covered myself – without the hassle and without issues. The procedure is totally easy, this task would have been still a teenager. In General, then I will do the coating yourself: as soon as the effect ends, re-buy Silane Guard. This is the time to ride, and the liquid glass is still not deleted. I am very pleased. And don't tell you how many friends and colleagues have asked me how often I wax the car and learned that it is not Polish, and complete protection. And without exception, a car that I would recommend liquid glass, was pleased with the result. So all the drivers will take care for their four-wheeled friends, the renewal of the youth and preservation of the original appearance with the help of Silane Guard.